Some Nerve

by Some Nerve



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"Some Nerve rips through old school hardcore punk with a modern finish. They're not wearing gym shorts and windmilling about-- they're breaking strings and bellowing their message with both direction and aggression. This five piece takes the raw energy of their hardcore punk forefathers and pumps it through a fret-smoldering metallic sensibility, bringing a sense of dynamic musicality to their fury. The sound of Some Nerve's debut self-titled album brings to mind the glory days of early era Epitaph Records band RKL and has even been described as an "evil version" of A Wilhelm Scream/Propagandhi, but the relentless pissed off spirit is certainly all their own. This is music for punks with pervasive sore throats and bloodshot eyes, taking aim at the establishment with athletic aggression and an unquieted voice." - Dying Scene Records


released August 12, 2014

Produced by Some Nerve
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Allan Davis



all rights reserved


Some Nerve Houston, Texas

Hardcore punk from Houston, Texas.

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Track Name: Trenches (intro)
Track Name: Held Hostage
How do we know
Who we can trust
When the innocents are the ones handcuffed
Teachers, lawyers, fascists and priests
Police, politicians who are we to believe?

I’ll tell you this right now
I hope you’ll understand
By the way things are going
Everything will soon end
Don’t even bother
There’s nothing you can do
Because everyone's fucked
And it starts with me and you

The truth is a lie
You can see it on the TV
Or turn on the radio
For this false reality
The worlds fucking dying
Because of these conditions
You better start to pray
Or you’ll die for your religion

Can't even walk outside without being robbed
While another fucking country is next to be bombed
Can't even go to school without being shot
While another fucking murderer is never even caught


Born here in these numbering bar codes
Our lives are packaged and sold
We're all held hostage
We're all going down
The world is going under and taking us along
So step aside and watch it die

There is no giving up
Survival of the fittest
They just want to conquer
Who can last the longest
Struggling to survive
This isn’t how it’s supposed to be
Half the world is starving
With nothing to eat
Where is the answer
Where is our help
Where is this help in this world
That wants to kill me today


Watch it die
So step aside and watch it die because it won’t last long.
Track Name: What We Don't See
This place you call home is full of fucking lies
Keep your blindfold so tight around
Can’t see it in front of your eyes
Stealing millions for this business genocide
While the youth is forced to sell and exploited by dollar signs
President steals and kills and somehow that’s okay
While the people are scapegoats digging Americas grave


News just states the problems of today
War, violence, death and rape
You never see anything worth a change
When every day’s the fucking same
Time you took your blindfold off
Strive for the truth but close your eyes
But how can the truth be true
When it's all based on fucking lies

When our backs are turned and our eyes are closed
The innocent are oppressed and hanging by their ropes
A lower class women and killed "by accident"
But no one ever suffers any consequence

Their backs are turned just like their souls
They have the answers that we all need to know
But it’s not what the feed us on the fucking news
When it’s all based on greed and lies how can it be true


Its time your take your blindfold offff
Track Name: Porcelain Throne
She was such a pretty girl but then her life grew shorter
She looked in the mirror couldn’t stand what stood before her
Shoved her finger down her throat puked what she ate before
Another teenage girl with an eating disorder


Purge out your misery into a porcelain bowl
Shut your mouth out from the food
Till your body takes its toll

Gets home from school locks herself with the bathroom door
Tired of getting made fun of for the way she looked before
She can’t take it anymore she just feels all alone
She pukes after every meal her skin turns to bone


She knows she needs help
She knows there’s something wrong
She eats herself to sleep then wakes to throw it all up
She just sits back
And lets it take its course
Till this becomes her life and it just gets worse

90 pounds and you still think you look overweight
Choking and gagging on the food you overate
You just want to look like the people on TV
When your life is drowned in a pool of calories
This isn’t something sane
You don’t have a clue
You look like a skeleton
What are you going to do
Disease has taken your whole fucking life
Gotta back down
Gonna puke until you die

It's not too late
Take back your life
Track Name: How Can We Be Safe?
How can we be safe

Turn on the news or read it in the paper
The crime through the years has grown even greater
A man you all trusted who would have ever suspected
For killing an innocent girl yet he just got elected
Schools are gunned and ready to fire
Our failed health system gets our addicts higher
People die left and right
Buts if it’s in our countries name
Then it seems to be alright


How can we be safe
If every day our lives are at stake
And death is in every step we make
How will we be saved
From all the problems that won’t go away
The ones never even tried to change
We're all gonna die
We're all gonna die
The world that we know it
Is coming down

When justice has right with decisions they make
And innocent man is killed because he made a mistake
The police are on the hunt but not to protect
Another girl is raped another father is the suspect
Bombs explode on your front lawn
Crashing this country and killing everyone
Static screens on TVs as we sit watch and listen
From all the things we hear and see
There’s always something missing

Chorus x 2

We're all gonna die
We're all gonna die
Track Name: Dead To Me
Another day goes by
Another story to be told
By the one I trusted the most who left me in the cold
I couldn’t say I saw it coming
That knife was a surprise
I hope the blood stains your hands as you tell another lie


Who the fuck do you think you are
You're dead to me
Did you really think it would go this far
You're dead to me
The truth is coming out now it’s plain to see
You're dead to me
I don’t give a fuck about you
And now you're dead to me

The times for sure have changed
This isn’t something new
I shouldn’t have turned my back
Because this is what you always do
Hide behind a computer screen
With the face you try to hide
You can take that mask off
Because you are no friend of mine


Your blame your faults on me
But you’re the one who’s changed
You tell lie after lie
I’m sick of all these games
I’m tired all these excuses
This is not how it’s supposed to be
I'll turn my back on you
Like you turned yours on me

Dead, dead to me
Track Name: Condemnation
Stole your fucking house through their commercial properties
Leaving you with nothing and no place to fucking sleep
As the money cashes in another shopping mall is built
As more businesses are created more lives are killed
Stealing money and selling back to private corporations
Gaining public use without any compensation
When we don’t have the right to keep living in our home
They have the right to condemn everything you fucking own

Big business stealing millions from these private properties
Just so they have more space for their corporate companies
Building mall strips is the last thing that we need
While so many people still have nowhere to fucking sleep

Power makes profit for these greedy corporations
When we're living in this condemnation
Power makes profit for these greedy corporations
When we're living in this condemnation


Power makes profit
For these greedy corporations
Power makes profit
For our rich decaying nation
Power makes profit
When we're living
In this governmental condemnation
Track Name: Texas Massacre
Blood stained on the border on this foreign Texas town
A group of kids were killed and later to be found
Their faces missing and stitched out from their skin
His name is Leatherface and he’s back again

They're all dead
They're all dead
Is what she tried to say
Gagging on the human stench and sound of a chainsaw blade
Hang them from the razors pouring salt in their wounds
Ripping out your nails and eyes eating them as food

Ripped through the guts
Cut through the pain
Live through the screams and let the blood drain


Back for us all
Back from the dead
His name is Leatherface and he’s back again

Texas massacre

Blood stains the walls of flesh and human skin
Smell of rotting flesh and pieces of your friends
One by one slaughtered
You’re the only one left
Watching your friends getting cut up

Gargling in your blood and digging in human meat
Shoved down your throat cutting off your arms legs and feet
You fell onto your knees and then you closed your eyes
As he ripped off your fucking face
You became his next disguise

Ripped through the guts
Cut through the pain
Live through the screams and let the blood drain

Track Name: The Patriot
In your house you feel surveillance everywhere you turn
While the line was tapped they listened on your every single word
The news has the power to invade your privacy
Preserving life and liberty for our national security
Implemented through our minds as they research our lives
How can you feel safe while watching your liberty die


Say goodbye to your secrets
Say goodbye to your lives
Say goodbye to your liberty
Because the patriot has arrive

Spying privacy suffocating through our wire-taps
Libraries are the source
Brainwashed through the facts
Scope our name and address through improved intelligence
Gathering information from their criminal evidence
Sweeping through our records
Surveillance caught in the act
Another suspicion another warrant
Another innocent person is tracked


Familiar tools used against this new threat
Tracked down and waged from the use of the Internet
Warrants passed on every phone call that you make
While the institution watches every step you take

Our freedom was the problem
Our privacy's what’s died
Our innocence was killed through all their patriotic minds
Track Name: Covered In Blood
Raise your hand in salute
To the death of the youth

He’s back from the war
His parents are so proud now
Their boy’s life is on the battle ground
The smiles on their faces as they sit there and brag
Their son's fighting for our flag

But life was not the same or good as he thought it would be
His girlfriend slept around and there’s no hope for this economy

His depression sets in
He doesn’t act the same
The visions of war drive him insane
He can’t forget the past
It's built into his head
The pain, horror, blood, and people’s death


Another soldier
Another torment
Another son who's
Covered in blood

Then one day when no one was home
He just couldn’t take it so he picked up a gun
Tears running down his face he points it to his head
Counts down the seconds and screams as loud as he can
He let the trigger loose his body fell onto his bed
His blood stains the flag as it’s raised to honor his death
His parents fold the flag
He's lowered in the ground
It's placed on his grave from the people who once stood proud

The tears run down their faces

Track Name: Rebellion
In this world a rebellion comes hard
Nothing ever changes and no one goes far
But we'll and fight and fight until we've won
Because our rebellion has just begun

This is our rebellion at its best
It puts your power to the total test
It's going to last and last until the day we die
You can't stop us not worth a try


Rebellion sounds good
Rebellion sounds great
This is the war that we create
Rebellion sounds good
Rebellion sounds great
This is our rebellion

This is our rebellion so get out of our way
You can’t stop us there is nothing you can say
Going to fight and fight until we have won
Because our rebellion has just begun