by Some Nerve

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The process of being outcasted.

This EP is dedicated in memory of Alan Huynh.


released January 16, 2016

Produced by Murder On Tape Audio
Additional Engineering by Tim Walker
Reamps by Ryan Harvey


all rights reserved



Some Nerve Houston, Texas

Hardcore punk/thrash crossover from Houston, Texas.

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Track Name: Isolation
isolation from our lives
Track Name: Vultures
Sun rests on vultures in flight
Dark shadows cast down blocking all light

Anywhere they go every time they see
Footsteps followed by misery
Kicked to the curb by those they loved
Thrown in the dirt they saw above

You can't escape their sense
You can't avoid their flensing
Cant evade their glowing black eyes
The hive assembled preys on broken lives

Gusts blowing you down to your back
You flee but your movement they track
Avoid their vicious wrath

They'll tear through your soul and feed on its corpse
Your skin chewed to the bone
Putrid stomachs eat remorse
There's no hiding from bleak eyes
In fear you will run from their close strides

They hover for right time to strike
When you're down they'll pierce you like spike
These vultures are ready to attack
Eating at your void; eating everything you lack

They're here
They smell your sweat they taste your fear
Heavy wings flapping fill your ears
Blood on beaks sharp as shears
Black feathers surround your body
Bystanders ignore the beasts
They're here
They smell your sweat they taste your fear

They prowl these streets they own this town
Seeking out the weak then they dive down
Your preferences are shit you should be ashamed
The vultures ensure you're to be maimed

Winged demons relay strife
A victim of birth they plagued my life

How can I avoid these demons?

They don't understand your views they see black and white
your life triggers them burning at their soldered minds
Your life triggers them
Fuck their frail judgements
Track Name: Wolves
Desolation running fresh in your thoughts
Isolation that you never sought
Long empty nights of full seclusion
Once were allies remolded like clay
Fantasizing over human interaction
Months have passed since they left you on this day

Control is fading away
Instability begins to fray
Spiral into decay
Rage inside fills your lungs
Burning words hate from your tongue

Can't follow the light anymore all
Dark thoughts emit from your pours
Spiral into decay

Loneliness building negative strength
Aggression is now a fundamental trait
Blood frenzy brings addictive need
Revenge is temporary closure as they're bleeding

All lives around you now repelled
Become a danger to all around you
Self harm your new method of cope
blind violence circumcises your present narrow scope

Convince yourself you're okay
As your mind rots to grey
These fuckers deserve their pain
Eye for an eye you now feign

Can't resist the hate
All this anger burning past the grate
What started off as a man
Now a lone wolf removed from his pack
Track Name: Locusts
Written off as a subhuman waste
My presence equal value to a pest
Say our lives aren't up to your taste

Clear them all out a fatal mistake
Those few are now many who are sick
Sick of dealing with your bullshit

Alone we're feeble
United we swarm
When oppressors rise
Locusts infest the sky

A single parasite they tried to suppress
now a colony to coalesce

Isolated and fed to vultures
The wolves cast out see the burned path
Locusts unite in angered wrath

They say its something we lack
That we've fallen through the cracks
Unity will build us intact
Final straws that will break their backs

Locusts swarms will erase
All that stand in their way

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